Energetic Update: Preparing For The 11:11:18 Gateway


The Above Photo Was Photographed At The Maui Airport During The Completion Of The 10:10:18 Personal Retreat That I Lead Last Month.  

Between The 10:10:18 Gateway & This Upcoming 11:11:18 Gateway Many Of Us Have Been Going Thru More Transition Phases.  

Some Are Still In Quandry ~ Some Are Still In Pain ~ Some Have Been Going Thru Massive   Influx Of Light Receiving ~ Some Going Through The Transition Of Leaving Their Physical Bodies (Very Challenging For The Families At This Time Who Have Been Experiencing This)  ~ Some Have Been Clearing & Making Way For The Newness That Is Emerging Through This 11:11:18 Gateway.  

Even Though Many Are Still Viewing “Great Grief” Via The Personality Viewpoints When Things Aren’t Lookin’ So Good ~ ~ ~ I Want To Let You Know That This Is Simply An Outer Viewpoint Of Where Our Personalities Or Things That Are Up For Clearing Within Us To “Get Out Of The Way”.  

There Are MAJOR TIMELINE CONVERGENCES HAPPENING NOW Where Those Who Have Preparing Their Personal Paths For A While Now Can C/Sea/See Better Now Via Indigo & Violet Starlight Aka Higher Self Or Also Known As Access To Being Able To See Via The 3rd Eye/Chakra Center & Violet Crown Chakra Center.  

These MAJOR TIMELINE CONVERGENCES HAPPENING NOW (In Very Positive Ways I Might Add +++++++) Are Allowing The Missing  Quandries/Questions That We Had About Ourselves To Be Answered !  

More Insight Has Been Given To Us Regarding Incompleteness Within Us As A Collective & For Us In Our Personal Lives !  Another Way To Say This Is “MAJOR DOTS…….HAVE BEEN CONNECTING” Because The Old Timelines Did Collapse ~ Finished * Done * Completed !

Whew It Was A Big Job ~ ~ ~ And Many Did Fabulous Work Over The Past 6 Months On The Inner & Outer Levels To Make This Time As Easy As Possible For The Entrance Thru This 11:11:18 Gateway That We Shall Soon Be Emerging Thru.

The “Sparkling Smell Of The Holiday Season” Is In The Air Now Where The Gatherings Of What We Have Now Integrated We Bring With Us To The Rainbow Round Tables Of Love With Our Friends & Families During November & December ShaRINGS! {Ringa~Ringa~Linga……….Bells~Music~Toning ~Speaking Via The Voice………Blue Note/Blew Thru A Flute/ Or Is It Speaking With Your BlueTooth Technology In Your Car?)…………5th Chakra DNA Upgrades/Truth Center}.

With That My Loves Have A Great Rest Of Your Week !

Until Next………………….Blessings, Catalina

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