Recipe*Food*Nutrition: Organic Vegan Potato Salad


*5-6 Organic Golden Potatoes (Chop Into Bite Size Pieces & Then Steam These)  

*1/3 Cup Organic Celery (Chop Into Small Bits)

*1/3 Cup Organic Violet Onions (Chop Into Small Bits)

*1/3 Cup Organic Cilantro (Chop Into Small Bits)

*4 Large Cloves Organic Garlic (Chop Into Small Bits)

1 Tablespoon Of Organic Dill (Fresh Or Dried Herb)

*1/2 Teaspoon Of Pink Sea Salt

*1/2 Teaspoon Of Paprika

*1 Large Tablespoon of Organic Stone Ground Mustard

*1/3 Cup Soyfree Veganaise

*1 Tablespoon Of Organic Coconut Aminos  

Put All Organic Vegetables & Spices (Except Paprika) Together In Large Mixing Bowl  

Then Add Your Soyfree Veganise, Stoneground Mustard & Organic Coconut Aminos To The Large Mixing Bowl & Hand Stir Everything Together.  

After Everything Is Stirred Together & You Have A Good Smooth Consistency ~ Then Sprinkle Your Paprika On Top For Good Looks/Colour Contrast/Health Benefit~Immune Support & Antioxidant

This Is A Super Easy Recipe ~ You Can Prepare This Organic Vegan Potatoe Salad Dish In Under 30 Minutes & It Is Ready Eat For The Whole Family, Picnic, To Bring To A Social Event, Bring To School Or Work.  

Eat Immediately Or Chill It In The Refrigerator Until You Are Ready To Serve ~ This Recipe Will Serve 4 ~ So Reduce Recipe Ingredients For Smaller Serving Or Increase Recipe Ingredients For Larger Servings.

In~Joy………..Divine Chef, Catalina





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