Interesting to note is that so many folks receive THE DIVINE PRESCRIPTION and yet choose not to follow the prescription that they have been given for optimal results.  

Often when folks go to an MD for help with their physical body………..they are seeking healing advise………..often MD’s can offer drugs/prescription or surgery or another physician to help them.  Many are dissatisfied with the results they receive………..I know this from personal practical experience with that system and also from listening to others too who are highly dissatisfied.  Though many follow what the doctor ordered and their results of full healing are not achieved.    

I have also run into this scenario where a natural healer/care provider gives a “Divine Prescription” of exactly what to do, how to do it so that the results will be achieved that the person wants/is claiming that they need……………..yet, they do not follow the “Divine Prescription“.  

This is what I call addiction ~ the person is so addicted to the pain and/or problem despite that they are claiming they want/need to heal from it.  

Many are familiar with the saying, “You can lead a horse to water yet you cannot make them drink”.

 Within my own experience of working with clients for over a decade now…………those who follow THE DIVINE PRESCRIPTION are receiving the direct results they desired/1st arrived at my doorstep with.  Those who did not follow THE DIVINE PRESCRIPTION did not receive the direct and immediate results they desired…………it is simple as that.  

For instance: I went to an acupuncture doctor here in Mexico to receive assistance for my own wellness.  During the session I let her know I had fresh squeezed organic celery juice for breakfast.  She then looked at me and said “For you Catalina ~ you need to add tomato/lemon/pinch of seasalt to that celery juice…………..and guess what?  I followed THE DIVINE PRESCRIPTION she gave me as a natural healer/doctor whom I went to for more wellness.  

When I followed THE DIVINE PRESCRIPTION that I was given……….rather than be a “Know It All” from my own profession as a medical/nutritional/spiritual intuitive………….I achieved the direct healing results.  My day started off with “A Wowzer…..Zing…..Zing…….Zing”……….then I moved onto my other daily health routines for optimal living.  

So happy I chose to follow THE DIVINE PRESCRIPTION because it was what was truly needed for that part of my living, health, wellness and human physical journey at that time.  

Blessings, Catalina 




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